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Color Shift

  • Game Title : Color Shift

  • Game Genre : Puzzle
  • Game Hits : 654
  • Game author : Flash Relax
  • Game size : 1,000 KB
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  • Game description : Color Shift is a puzzle game on The background of this game is a cross-shaped field with a big ball in the middle place and many other small balls in the four wings. These balls have different colors. There are 3 difficulties: easy for 6 colors, medium for 8 colors and hard for 10 colors. Click on any row or column in which the balls at the top are of the same color as the big ball in the center to remove them and earn points. If there are mixed colors, then all the top balls of the same color as the big ball will be removed and next ball will swap colors with the big one. Each turn (or each second in arcade mode) a new ball appears. The position where a new ball will appear is indicated by the highlighted square. You win if you score 10000 points or more. You lose if any row or column overflows. The balls’ color may be red, yellow, black, pink, green, blue, purple, brown, cyan and indigo. It’s interesting.

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